International students

International students

What is the ESG?

ESG means “Evangelische Studierendengemeinde” (Protestant students’ community). Every University in Germany has an ESG. It is something the Protestant Church offers to all university students. We welcome students of all religious traditions as well as students with no religion. We closely cooperate with our catholic counterpart, the KHG.


The ESG is a good place to meet other students, both Internationals and Germans. We offer a wide range of activities. Some are spiritual, like prayer meetings and church services. Some are just fun and allow you to socialize. Many international students like to participate in ESG events that are not language-based, especially our hiking tours, ice skating, rope court etc. As soon as the pandemic situation allows it we will offer our very popular “International Breakfast” again.

Worship and prayer

For Internationals we warmly recommend our ecumenical Taizé prayers which we celebrate once or twice every semester. It is a meditative, polyglott form of worship without preaching, with repetitive, simple songs in German, English, French, Latin, Spanish… A short Bible passage is read out in many different languages. Many students love the atmosphere of the candle-lit church at night.

We also offer a church service at the beginning and end of every semester and before Christmas. Even though the services are in German, you are welcome to attend. For an English summary of the sermon just contact Anja, the pastor, a couple of days before.

Financial support for students in need

The ESG is able to arrange for limited, short-time financial support for international students in need.

The program is designed for students from countries of the global south and eastern Europe. It is open to students of any religion and of none.

Presently the German governement grants financial aid for students whose need is a result of the pandemic situation.

There is also a new programme for refugee students and those who face persecution that deprives them of academic options in their home countries.


There may be times when you need somebody to talk to – somebody outside of friends or family. Be it homesickness, fear of examinations, sorrows concerning those at home, conflicts, difficulties with adapting to a foreign environment… Don’t hesitate to contact Anja, the students’ pastor, for counseling. Of course all counseling is confidential and free of charge.

Where to find us

The ESG is situated right in the city center, next to the Stiftskirche. That’s the big medieval church with one tower and the over-life sized statue of Martin Luther. Walk alongside the left side of the church past the little playground, then enter the narrow pedestrians‘ passageway. Our entrance is in the passageway, to your left. You can also enter the passageway from the other side (Kronstraße), almost opposite of the C&A store (see photo below), then our entrance is to your right.

We’re on Google Maps, too. Careful: There’s a school in Landau that is also called ESG, the Eduard-Spranger-Gymnasium, so make sure you don’t end up there 😉

ESG Landau

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