Events for International Students

Here you can see a list of those of our events that are not language based and therefore most accessible for all who speak little or no German. For most events you need to apply beforehand.

You can find details and an application link here.

Walk the Wasgau

Sat Oct 29th 2022 | ca. 8:30 am – 5:00 pm | with KHG
A day’s hike through beautiful landscape, great views. Basic fitness required.

Handlettering Christmas Cards

Tu 15th Nov 2022 | ESG | date to be confirmed | application required
Make beautiful Christmas cards for friends & family.

Baking Christmas Cookies

Tu 22th Nov 2022 | ESG | date to be confirmed | application required
Make traditional German Christmas cookies. Delicious!

Taizé prayer

Mo 28th Nov 2022 | 8:15 – 9:15 pm | Augustinerkirche | ecumenical

Taizé is an international, ecumenical Christian community in France that thousands of young people visit every year. Their style of prayer and music has thus become very popular all over Europe – in Landau, too!

Our Taizé prayer is a meditative, polyglott form of worship without preaching, marked by meditative Taizé songs in different languages and a time of silence. Many students love the atmosphere of the candle-lit church at night.

International Breakfast

Sat 21st Jan 2023|date to be confirmed | with KHG

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