Pandemic-related financial aid

Interim financial aid for students faced with pandemic-related financial hardship from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) 2020/21
instructions, aids, tips
compiled by Anja Laue, M.A. (ESG Saarbrücken)

  1. important information:
     The application for an interim financial aid can be submitted to the relevant student service organization (Studierendenwerk) in both German and English.
     The bridging grant is for German and international students who are enrolled at a state university in Germany.
     the financial aid does not have to be repaid
     there is no age limit
     The use of the bridging grant does not affect the right of residence of international students.
     Applications can be submitted until September 2021.
     Please note that applications can only be submitted online.
  2. „Überbrückungshilfe“ („bridging assistance”) can be received by students who…
     … are enrolled at a state (recognised) university or university of applied sciences in Germany
     … are studying full-time and is not on leave of absence
     … can prove that they are in an emergency situation caused by the pandemic
     … have no other (sufficient) sources of income
     … have less than 500 euros in their bank account at the time of application
     … have not applied for any other pandemic-related support in the month in which the financial aid was applied for or does not expect any support through applications already submitted (e.g. emergency fund, foundations, support association etc.)
  3. The interim financial aid is not granted if…
     you are studying at a university of applied sciences for administration or a Bundeswehrhochschule (university of the German army)
     you are completing a part-time or dual course of study
     you are a guest student
     you are on leave of absence.
  4. What is a pandemic-related emergency?
     e.g. loss of a part-time job due to Corona
     you have to prove that you are in this emergency situation due to the pandemic (letter of dismissal, suspension of employment – email or WhatsApp from the employer* or loss of family support due to the pandemic).
     Online at: the application can also be made in English
     The application can always be submitted for one month, then at the latest by the last day of the month (ex: February 2021, deadline: 28.02.21).
     Important: take your time, read carefully and make sure the application is complete, incomplete applications will not be processed, anyone with more than 500 euros in their account will not receive any help.
     Important: make sure your internet browser has the latest version, Internet Explorer is not supported. Chrome, Firefox, Opera or mobile devices are best suited.
     Upload all required documents in a legible manner
  5. Benefits:
     The amount of the grant depends on the individual need (account balance):
    Account balance Bridging grant
    less than €100,00€ € 500,00
    between 100,00 € and 199,99 € 400,00
    between 200,00 € and 299,99 € 300,00
    between 300,00 € and 399,99 € 200,00
    between 400,00 € and 499,99 € 100,00
     The decisive factor is the account balance on the day the application is submitted or on the last bank working day before the application is submitted (Monday – Friday, not on public holidays).
     Example: If you submit the application on 25 November 2020, the account balance on 24 November 2020 is relevant.
    What documents must be submitted?
     Copy of your identity card or alternatively your passport and registration certificate (showing your current address).
     Certificate of enrolment for the current semester, i.e. from April summer semester 2021.
     A self-declaration that you expect to successfully complete your studies.
     A German bank account
     The bank statements for all accounts (incl. Paypal, amazon payments, etc.) that can be accessed at short notice – from the previous month of application and from the current month to the day before the application is submitted
     Declaration of personal hardship due to pandemic: e.g. documented, written and current rejection of at least 2 applications or self-declaration of applications and rejections
     A declaration that no further pandemic-related support for subsistence has been applied for in the month in which this bridging allowance is applied for (e.g. from emergency funds, foundations or support associations) or that no further support is expected from applications already submitted.
     A photo of the applicant
  6. required technology
    Important information at:
     An internet-enabled computer with the latest Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers and a mobile phone or smartphone.
     A digital camera or smartphone with camera function, because you will need to upload selfies of yourself for identification purposes, among other things.
     possibly a scanner/mobile phone to scan documents that you do not have in digital form.
     Please note:
    o use the correct browser
    o use another e-mail address if the university address does not work.
    o do not despair at the reCaptcha
    o do not change file formats (jpg , png and PDF), otherwise please convert ->
    o combine account statements
    o copy image file into Word files then convert into PDF -> merge several PDFs
    IMPORTANT: There is no claim to the granting of bridging assistance! There is also no claim to completeness of the information. Please pay attention to current changes or adjustments.

    For questions: BMBF Bridging Assistance Hotline -> Telephone: 0800 26 23 003
    Service hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 08:00-16:00; Friday from 08:00-12:00

    Status: Februar 2021
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